domingo, 31 de julho de 2011

Nike US Open of Surfing. Brazilian storm.

Brazilian storm.
This is the title of one of the Nike US Open of Surfing promotional videos. Worth watching.
A little piece on the rising talent coming from Brazil plus Kelly Slater talking about Gabriel Medina.
The new generation of Brazilian surfers making history.
The US Open is a Prime event, granting a lot of points for the ranking and a lot of money for the winner.
Huntington is alrealdy full of good moments for Brazilian surfers.
You can review some of the past here.
This prime events are sometimes even better than the WT ones.
Only there you can test the top surfers of the Wt against some big guys from the past and all those teenager young comers.
Take a look at some of the 1st round heats:

Joel Parkinson, Bobby Martinez, Wiggolly Dantas, Rob Machado!
Brett Simpson, John John Florence, Thiago Camarão e Dean Morrison.

Kelly Slater will be there, together with Parko, Fanning and Taj.
Dane Reynolds will make his come back.
It will be amazing to see Brazilians doing good again this year.

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