domingo, 31 de julho de 2011

Nike US Open of Surfing. Brazilian storm.

Brazilian storm.
This is the title of one of the Nike US Open of Surfing promotional videos. Worth watching.
A little piece on the rising talent coming from Brazil plus Kelly Slater talking about Gabriel Medina.
The new generation of Brazilian surfers making history.
The US Open is a Prime event, granting a lot of points for the ranking and a lot of money for the winner.
Huntington is alrealdy full of good moments for Brazilian surfers.
You can review some of the past here.
This prime events are sometimes even better than the WT ones.
Only there you can test the top surfers of the Wt against some big guys from the past and all those teenager young comers.
Take a look at some of the 1st round heats:

Joel Parkinson, Bobby Martinez, Wiggolly Dantas, Rob Machado!
Brett Simpson, John John Florence, Thiago Camarão e Dean Morrison.

Kelly Slater will be there, together with Parko, Fanning and Taj.
Dane Reynolds will make his come back.
It will be amazing to see Brazilians doing good again this year.

domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

Billabong Pro J-Bay 2011 - The Brazilian´s performance

Jordy won the WT contest in Africa, his home turf, and jumped to the 2nd spot in the ASP WT ranking.
This year´s title race looks really promising as no one has an extended lead and we have all the usual suspects (Parko, Kelly, Fanning, Taj, Jordy) plus Adriano in striking distance.
Before we take a closer view on our fellow countrymen, a quick note on the standout of the contest: Adrian Buchan.
I won´t deny that he has the surf I dream on doing.
Have talked a lot about him before.
Watch out. I dare to say he may finish in the top five this year (which means breaking in the list above).
Now, the Brazilians:

Raoni Monteiro - Surprisingly, surfed good against the Tahitian Michel Bourez.
The problem is that the Spartan, as they call Michel, is showing that he is here to stay.
A top ten in the world ranking, with the circuit heading to Tahiti, Michel Bourez may reach the top 5 next month.
My bet: Raoni will be out of the WT in the midyear cut.

Heitor Alves is an amazing surfer but there is something missing.
He has won only one heat per contest, which was enough to keep him right on the bubble.
He is sitting in 23rd, one spot below the cut.
Tahiti is going to be his chance.
He has to win some heats over there as below him there are Teahupoo and barrel riding specialists such as Cory Lopez and CJ Hobgood.

Jadson André started J-Bay with a first round win over Taj Burrow which says a lot about how good his backhand is.
He lost to Damien Hobgood due to two critical mistakes (letting a good wave goes by being out of position and falling in his last attempt, going for a major turn when all he needed was a 5).
I would love to see him doing good in Tahiti, something he is well capable of, and improving his position in the ranking (currently 16th).

Adriano de Souza is surfing against the world. No one wants to see him doing good except us Brazilians.
Alejo Muniz never had so many people cheering for him as in his heat against Adriano.
Mineirinho is now 3rd in the ranking but I bet he can do better thatn Jordy and Parko in Tahiti.
Wait and see.

Alejo Muniz has to start surfing a lot better if he wants to be the Rookie of the Year.
Don´t get me wrong, I am cheering for him, but he was lucky to make his heat against Adam Melling (who was doing the best turns of the contest before their heat) and Julian Wilson is coming as a rocket behind him.
Both can surf without the pressure of the cut from now on, as Alejo has guaranteed his spot via the WT ranking and Julian via the World ranking.
I see the young Brazilian needing to work on his speed, as sometimes looks like he is forcing the turns, surfing without flow.
Anyway, in the 13th spot in the WT, this kid from Santa Catarina is certainly making us proud.

Check out all the videos here


True Surfing, the phenix of the surf blogs is trying its rebirth via social media.
First through Facebook and then via Twitter (as soon as I get used to it).
We are starting to write the posts in English as well.
Don´t you guys worry, we still think as Brazilians.
We will not start to cheer on Kolohe Andino and Julian Wilson only cause we are writing in another language.
We just want to communicate with a larger audience (We will conquer the world!)

The link:

Would love to hear your thoughts on it.